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Troubador Model: 0-610


Model: 0-610
Year: 1940
Dimensions: 9.5x6.5x6.75
Tubes: 25Z6, 25L6, 6SA7, 6SK7, 6SQ7, Ballast- BM19B
I had this set listed as a "mystery radio" for quite some time.  For years, I had no luck in find anything out about it until I got an email from Steven Sostrom.  He deduced that this set was Manufactured by Warwick Mfg. Co. and was sold under the brand of Troubador. With that info I was able to confirm that and get the model number.  His website is below showing off his fine collection.

Thanks Steven!


Aria Model: 1261

Model: 1261
Year: 1941
Dimensions: 12x7x9
This is another of those radios that is really to large for a handle but they were so popular the manufacturers felt it had to be included.  I have never seen another radio with the Aria brand but I have seen this radio with "Sentinel" stamped on the dial face.

Admiral Model: 373-5R

Model: 373-5R
Year: 1939
Dimensions: 10.5x7x6.75
This radio is one of my all time favorite beetle radios. This set, as were many others, was manufactured by the Continental Radio Corporation for Admiral. This particular radio is in mint condition.

Admiral Model: 163-5L

Model: 163-5L
Year: 1939
Dimensions: 9.5x6.5x6.75
This radio was also manufactured by the Continental Radio Corp. and sold to Admiral. It's beetle material looks different from other radios in my collection and my guess is that it was purchased from a different plastics manufacturer.

Admiral Model: 4202-B6

Model: 4202-B6
Year: 1941
Dimensions: 11.5x6.5x7.25
Original Price: $19.95
This set is one of only two beetle sets that I know of with a wide slide rule dial and symmetrical styling typically found on radios from the late 1940's.  The other is the GE CL-500 shown further below.

Admiral Model: 668-6JL

Model: 668-6JL
Year: 1939
Dimensions: 11x6x7
Tubes: 75, 25Z5, 25L6, 6D6, 6A7, 25Z5
This radio is one of my rarer beetle radios.  I have never seen another one.  I have seen the cabinet in both bakelite and plaskon though.  It is a favorite because of it's near perfect condition.

General Electric Model: GD-520

General Electric
Model: GD-520
Year: 1939
Dimensions: 7.25x4.25x5.25
This radio's petite size and brass waterfall style escutcheon are only a couple of reasons that makes it a very interesting as well as desirable model.

General Electric Model: KL-51

General Electric
Model: KL-51
Year: 1939
Dimensions: 10.5x6.25x7.25
The KL-51 is the Canadian brother to the H-620 shown below.  It differs from the H-620 only slightly, having a cardboard back and a painted metal dial.

General Electric Model: H-620

General Electric
Model: H-620
Year: 1939
Dimensions: 10.5x7.5x7.25
Tubes: 25Z6, 25L6,

6SK7,6SA7, 6SQ7, 6J5, K13J811

The H-620 is, to me, kind of homely and  therefore not among my favorite beetle radios.  It has a painted plastic dial which is almost always scratched and warped.  However, it does have three knobs, four pushbuttons and a molded back that add to it's character.

General Electric Model: H-500

General Electric
Model: H-500
Year: 1939
Dimensions: 9x4.75x5.75
Tubes: 35L6, 35Z5, 12A8, 12SQ7, 12SK7
This radio is also known as the GE "turbine". It came in several similar models - molded back; and also a pressboard back. Push buttons are also found on other models. Colors: brown, white, beetle..

General Electric Model: H-510

General Electric
Model: H-510
Year: 1939           
Dimensions: 9x5.75x5.75 
This is virtually the same radio as above except with push buttons and a molded back.  These two additions added to it's initial cost and therefore this model is much rarer today. Colors: brown, white, beetle.

General Electric Model: CL-500

General Electric
Model: CL-500
Year: 1940
Dimensions: 9.25x6x5.25
Tubes: 50L6, 35Z5, 12SA7, 12SQ7, 12SK7
Some may think this radio is a rather plain radio and maybe it is, but, the beetle marbling, nice lines and smaller size are appealing to me.  This model was made in Canada.

Motorola Model: 5T-0

Model: T501
Year: 1941
Dimensions: 9x6.5x6
Original Price  
This set is another mystery to me.  I know the model number because it is on the back.  I know it is a Imperial because I have found it's bakelite brother in an add in "Evolution of the Radio Volume 2".  But I have never seen this radio anywhere else and can find nothing on the brand "Imperial". 

Kadette Model: H

Model: H
Year: 1931
Dimensions: 8x4x6.5
Tubes:37, 38, 39, A-1 
WOW!  What a beautiful radio this is. The marbling on this set is very impressive.  There has been some question of the model # for this set.  I called it a model "H" because I have seen it described that way in several radio books.  

From the book "A Flick of the Switch"

"International Radio Corporation:  First volume-produced AC-DC set. First volume-produced plastic set.  Introduced in 1931."


Majestic Model: 5T-0

Model: 5T-0
Year: 1938
Dimensions: 8x6x8
Original Price $29.95
Another wow.  This model has to be one of, if not the most coveted of my beetle radios.  It came in a couple of variations, one with a blue dial face and grill area and this set which included mirrored face and a clock.  The band numbers are invisible until the set is turned on.  Both are exceedingly rare with this set being nearly impossible to find today. 

Sentinal Model: 195U-LTO

Model: 195U-LTO
Year: 1941
Dimensions: 10x9.5x7
Original Price  
This set has eluded me until recently when I was fortunate enough to win it on Ebay.  Don't know too much about it except that it has a typical "all-American five" tube line up.  

Silvertone Model: 3251

Model: 3251
Year: 1940
Original Price:   $8.95
Dimensions: 7.75x5x5.25
Tubes: 35L6, 35Z5, 12SA7, 12SQ7, 12K7
This radio's petite size only adds to it's cuteness.  It's unusual for the "upside-down" placement of the chassis.  This particular radio has the glass dial cover which is often missing from this model.  Sears called it "Beautiful Onyx" in their ads.

Silvertone Model: 7008

Model: 7008
Year: 1940
Dimensions: 10.75x5.75x6
Original Price: $10.45
Tubes: 35L6, 35Z4, 12SQ7, 12SK7, 12SA7
Today this radio is known as the "candy cane" model but Sears called it the "Commentator" and described it as "Beautiful Onyx".  It's cabinet is unusual in the fact that it slides down over the chassis. It was very successful for Sears and came in several varieties as well as colors.  In a brochure Sears offered "easy pay of $2 down and $2 a month".




Silvertone Model: 7002

Model: 7002
Year: 1941
Dimensions: 8x5x6
Original Price: $8.49
Tubes: 35L6, 35Z5, 12SA7, 12SQ7, 12SK7
This set is unusual not so much because of its material but because it is a rare "left hand" model.  As far as I know it was the only left handed model made in beetle.

Silvertone Model: 3061

Model: 3261
Year: 1940
Original Price:   $12.45
Dimensions: 11x6.5x7
Tubes:  6
Another example of a Silvertone beetle cabinet. It's grill is made of tenite plastic. Tenite tends to warp under even mild heat, so, because of tube heat, most examples of this model have at least some grill warpage.  Sears described this sets beetle as "Rich Onyx Color".

Sonora Model: TW-49

Model: TW-49
Year: 1939
Dimensions: 11x6x6.5
Tubes: 35Z5, 35L6, 12SA7, 12SK7, 12SQ7
This extreme designed radio is very rare and desirable.  As you can see it is not a rectangle as with most radios but "bulges" out in the front.  It rates right up there with my favorite beetle sets.

Sonora Model: Unknown

Model:  366-O
Year: 1936
Original Price: $19.95
Dimensions: 10x5x6.25
Tubes: 25Z5, 6D6, 6C6, 76, 43, 185R8
 Thanks to Richard Arnold for doing the research and sending me an ad about this set.  It is listed in the 1936 Harrison Wholesale Company Catalog along with the bakelite version.  The wholesale price was $11.96

Truetone Model: 263-5R

Model: 263-5R
Year: 1938
Dimensions: 10x7x6.75
Tubes: 25Z5, 25L6, 6A7, 35Z5, xx, xx
Another radio manufactured by the Continental Radio Corp. It is one of the more rarer beetle sets. A very similar beetle model came with push buttons. Check out my bakelite push button version.

Western Air Patrol Model: 157

Western Air Patrol
Model: 157
Year: 1940
Dimensions: 10.25x6.5x5.25
Tubes: 5W4, 6A8, 6K7, 6F6, 6Q7
The cabinet of this set is somewhat similar to the Sonora radio on this page.  Probably from the same manufacturer, maybe Continental but I donít know for sure.  This set also has an unusual metal back. Similar sets have a mesh wiring filling the holes on the back but I can find no evidence of it on this set.

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