Early Radios and Speakers

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Radio Lamp of America Model: Mushroom Radio Lamp of America
Model: 500
Year: 1938
Dimensions: 19"x15"
Original Price: $37.50
Executives Office Lamp

A very unusual radio epitomizing the radio deco era.  Little is know about the manufacturer, Radio Lamp of America. They made several sets pre-WWII, but I have not seen any after.  The tubes and chassis components are crammed into the lower base section with a small line running to the very top which houses a small speaker.

Atwater Kent Model: 10A Atwater Kent
Model: 10A
Year: 1925
This radio, a breadboard type, is  in excellent original condition with both labels on it's bottom.  It's accompanying speaker, the model M is shown below.  This set and a few other AK breadboards are among the most sought after of the early radio genre commanding prices well in excess of $1000.
Atwater Kent Model: 37 Atwater Kent
Model: 37
Year: 19
Dimensions: 18x10x7
Tubes:  7
The metal cabinet for this radio is in great condition.

Atwater Kent Model: M

Atwater Kent
Model: M
Year: 1926
Dimensions: 25.5h
This is the second of the two horns that I own.  It is impressively large with a height of 25 1/2 inches.
Atwater Kent E Atwater Kent
Model: E
Year: 1926          
Dimensions: 16w x 19h
Maybe the most popular of this type speaker from Atwater Kent.  I say this because of the number I encounter at radio swap meets.
Crosley Model: F Crosley
Model: F
Year: 1927
Dimensions: 10.5x12
This is a smallish speaker only 11" in diameter.  I like it because of its wrinkled black paint and it's simple yet effective design.  I am also compelled to mention that it is a favorite of my wife's.
Fada Model: Neutrodyne Fada
Model: Neutrodyne
Year: 1924
Tubes:  5
This beautiful radio is in fine original condition with only the grill cloth replaced.  It has an internal horn speaker as well as posts for an external one.
Operadio Model: Senior Operadio
Model: Senior
Year: 1928
I don't know much about the Operadio Corporation or this speaker.  I did find out though, that there is a smaller version called the "Junior".  This is an exceptionally heavy speaker, partly because the horn was made of plaster.

My wife says that this speaker reminds her of the Japanese flag.


Radiola Model: 18 Radiola
Model: 18
Year: 1927
Dimensions: 27.5x7.5x9
Tubes:  7
This set is in perfect condition and perfect working order.

Silvertone Model: WLS

Model: WLS
Year: 1925
Dimensions: 11x18
This was the first horn speaker I added to my collection.  I like it because the top half is made of bakelite and I have it polished to a nice luster.
Stewart Warner Model: Dancing Ladies Stewart Warner
Model: Dancing Ladies
Year: 1927
This happens to be my wife's favorite speaker.  It is unusual for its almost risqué but typical 20's dancing ladies design.
Tower Model: Ship Tower
Model: Ship
Year: 1926
Dimensions: 17x23
This speaker is the same size as the castle speaker shown below but is painted cast aluminum.
Tower Model: Castle Tower
Model: Castle
Year: 1926
Dimensions: 17x23
 This is my personal favorite of my speaker collection.  It's a cone speaker with the rim and castle made of brass.
Oval Model: Ship Unknown
Model: Ship
Year: 1926
Dimensions: 15x26
This large speaker was probably made by the Tower Corporation but I'm not sure.  It is a quite large cast aluminum design measuring 15" by 23".  Another interesting aspect of this speaker is the two red and blue painted bulbs which back light the ship.

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