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Scott Model: Philharmonic FM - AM

Model: Philharmonic
Year: 1940
Original Price $600.00
Tubes: 33
This is a newer addition to my collection, a completely restored Philharmonic AM-FM.  It is a 33 tube radio with two chassis, three speakers and a phonograph.  This particular Scott is arguably the pinnacle of classic pre-war radios.  It came in many different cabinets, this one is the "Wellington" model.  I also have the original purchase documents from Scott as well as instructions.  
Zenith Model: 15S-308 Zenith
Model: 15S-308
Year: 1939
Original Price $350.00
Tubes: 15
This is my beloved 15 tuber which a dear friend let me purchase from him at his cost.  It is a huge radio/phono combo with amenities such as: motor driven pointer, shutter dial and push buttons.


Left Top

Right Top

Both Open

Zenith Model: 12s-268 Zenith
Model: 12S-268
Year: 1938
Original Price $159.95
Tubes: 12
No this photo isn't stretched.  This radio is over 39" wide!  It has a shutter dial and also motor driven tuning.  Partly because of its 12" speaker and 30 watts output it has a great sound. Also, because of its size and unusual shape it has a commanding presence in any room.

Zenith Model: 12S-370

Model: 12S-370
Year: 1939
Original Price $149.95
Tubes: 12
A truly incredible shutter dial Zenith.  Also on this set is eight preset push buttons. Everything is original and in very good condition.  It even plays nicely.

Zenith Model: 10S-464

Model: 10S-464
Year: 1940
Original Price $14
Tubes:  10
This is another classic Zenith Black dial.  This gorgeous radio is in superb original condition.  It is one of the best playing consoles I have ever heard and certainly the best in my collection.

Zenith Model: 9S-367

Model: 9S-367
Year: 1937
Tubes:  9
This very deco Zenith Black dial radio is equip with a shutter dial, push buttons, lots of tone / bass type buttons and zephyr louvers. It even has beautiful original finish.  The only bad thing about this radio is that it does not play (hums only).

Radio Retailing Magazine - August, 1938

A 9 tube superhet with Transcontinental Automatic Tip-Touch Tuning; receives American, foreign broadcasts, police, amateur, aviation, ships; 12 in. speaker; big black "Robot" dial spinner tuning

Zenith Model: 8S-154

Model: 8S-154
Year: 1937
Tubes:  8
This is a classic Zenith Black dial.  This beautiful radio has a very deco look with its side ribs and waterfall style top.
Zenith Model: 7S-242 "Chairside" Zenith
Model: 7S-242
Year: 1938
Original Price $99.95
Tubes: 7
This is another shutter dial Zenith. It has a 1/4" thick glass that covers the dial area. The left side lifts up for storage. 

Philco Model: 37-116

Model: 37-116
Year: 1937
Tubes:  15
This is a huge console!  It has 16 tubes and a very big sound.  The smaller lower cutouts are "passive" speakers and don't have any wires to them.  The dial, called by Philco a tele-dial works similar to pushbuttons and can be preset.

Philco Model: 46-1209

Model: 46-1209
Year: 1946
Tubes:  11
This clean set has a record player hidden behind the grill area.  The speaker and grill assembly hinges forward from the bottom to access the player.

RCA Model: Radiola 48

Model: Radiola 48
Year: 1930
This console is very small measuring only xx inches high.  The front panel was created through a process that involved soaking the wood and then pressing it into a mold to make the ornate carving effect. 

Photos coming soon.

Model: Radiola 28
Year: 1925
This console called a highboy, because of the length of the legs was one of my first radios.   It was given to me by a friend.  It was manufactured as a battery set but was "retooled" at the factory to use AC. 

Atwater Kent Model: 60C

Atwater Kent
Model: 60C
Year: 1929
Tubes: 245, 245, 280, 27, 27, 24A, 24A, 24A 
This is beautiful console cost almost $100 in 1929!  Today the two 245 tubes are by themselves worth that.  The C in the model number denotes that the chassis was modified for use in a console.  This chassis was very popular with Atwater Kent as it is very similar to the earlier model 55 and a later model 70.  The model 60 also came in a couple of metal table models.  Additionally, adds were available for more than a dozen different cabinet styles. 

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